Atlantis | Branding Study, Research & Execution

Atlantis | Branding Study, Research & Execution

My feet were drenched in water and my eyes soaked in all the beauty of the place. I was no where else but in Bahamas. During my visit, I desired a place away from the city and closer to the sea. A much peaceful place to live in.
Next morning, I was sitting at the beach and relishing the moment when I discovered a small seashell touching my toes. It was quite beautiful, and reminded me of the Golden spiral which always inspires me in my design processes. I took it back and tried to bind it with my ideas of a healthy & happy life.
In two days what I had in my mind was “atlantis”. Atlantis, a company which will give peace and comfort to the tourists who seek for a blissful time. It also further branches out into three sub categories specifically for services like food & breverage , Health care & a Resort chain.



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